Are You Ready For The Monsoon?

Are You Ready For The Monsoon?

The splash of rain gives much-needed calm after the scorching heat. However, it also invites a few unwanted visitors into our house and wardrobe. In our home, mould, fungus, and insects are frequently seen. especially where there is a lot more humidity.

Our clothing is the object, that is closest to our body. Our garments are thought to contain a portion of our soul, so we should care for them appropriately and share them with others with caution.
Here are some tips and tricks for creating a monsoon-ready wardrobe. Most of the items you need are already in your kitchen, making them simple to use.

1. Take everything out of your closet. The cupboard should be properly dusted before being cleaned with a vinegar and water mixture. Dry it out.

2. Use Newspaper or Aprudha mulmul sheets to line your shelves. The greatest moisture absorbent, this pure cotton sheet will prevent any moisture from seeping into your clothing.

3. Clear out any clothing you won't be wearing during the wet season. Cotton and linen, for instance, are difficult to keep. Put the synthetic cloth in its place. Stack all of the removed clothing individually and put them in pure cotton Aprudha saree cover.

4. Make sure that all of the clothing is completely dry and free of moisture.
5. Arrange all of your wearable clothing in appropriate Aprudha saree bags in your closet. To make it simple for you to identify which bag contains the cloth, you can place a sticky note.

Why in cotton bags?

Cotton bags are breathable fabrics that will not allow humidity to enter your clothes. And will keep your clothes all fresh and healthy.

6. After organising your closet, add some moisture-absorbing material to your cabinet to prevent dampness from the humidity. The market has silica gels readily available.
Additionally, you can create your own custom natural humidifier. Just place some rice in a bowl. And keep it inside the cupboard with an open lid.

7. You can flavour the rice with some organic oil of your to get rid of the unpleasant scent in your closet.
8. When the sun is out, be sure to open the doors of your closet to let fresh air in and let sunshine shine on your prized clothing.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy this monsoon with a cup of tea. As Aprudha, pure cotton bags are there to take care of your second skin. They are all safe when stored in these pure cotton bags.