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Beti Ka Baksa...

It's been 15 long years and still those old memories revive the same emotions in me. Whole House was beautifully decorated with Marigold flowers and those sparkling light strings. Our house was full of guests and everybody was busy making some or the other arrangement as my big day was just a week away. Bua was cross checking some list when Maa called her saying, "Beti ka baksa taiyar Karna hai ''. A ritual which I was eagerly waiting for, as I would finally get to see some of the treasures Maa had handpicked for me, which she was now going to put in her hand stitched cotton saree bags which Maa was always so passionate about. Since my childhood, I saw her stitch these cotton saree bags during her free time. 

Being a saree lover, my mother was always very particular about storing her sarees right. She always keeps her sarees in pure cotton bags or mulmul fabrics, either by wrapping sarees in it or by making bags out of these fabrics. The day my wedding date got fixed maa started stitching cotton saree  bags for me. Some for Sarees, some to store my suits and a special one for my bridal lehenga. However, I had strictly asked her not to buy too many Sarees for me. Instead, I wanted some cool and comfortable pair of jeans and some other western outfits which I was comfortable in. Oh! Silly me. Now when I look back, I realize what I could have missed out on, had Maa not insisted and placed those beautiful handloom silk saree in her “Beti ka baksa”which has embellished so many beautiful moments of my life and it still does. I still remember Maa's words "in saariyon ko meethi yaadon ki tarah hamesha sanjo ke rakhna, just a little care and these sarees will stay fresh and new forever.

Till today every single silk saree which Maa bought for me, brings back my beautiful wedding memories and especially those attached with Maa, who at that time was riding a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes happy, excited and sometimes extremely emotional. As she put each saree in a bag she instructed me about the little care these sarees need to stay fresh and new forever. Holding my hand tight with tears in her eyes, Maa said "Maa will not be there to take care of your stuff now, but remember my tips and advice. I am reminded of that sentence each time I take out my silk to show them some sun, or to put them out in the air, as Maa had advised. Folding my zari Sarees in the mulmul wraps still makes them look new and shiny. All thanks to Maa. As I write this, I recall the moment when while packing my box i.e beti ka baksa, both Maa and I went through several emotions and feelings and those feelings can never fade away just like the shine and grace of my sarees.

So inspired by that ritual of my final backup from my mom's house I have come up with a “beti ka baksa” collection. Filled with a few pure cotton covers for your expensive bridal sarees, lehengas, shoes and handbags, And lots of wishes…

How To Place A Customized Order?

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For customisations, we accept prepaid orders. Minimum order quantity should be 100 bags or more. To place the order, connect with our expert on +91 9689003827 OR send us mail on

We have our own specialised design team for designing the bags for your special occasions. Our team will assist you and will be in constant touch with you throughout the design & production process.

Customisations can be done only on shapes & sizes of the bag. We use our own pure cotton fabric and trims, there will be no use of any synthetic materials and plastic in the bags.

We can do the customised label (printed on ribbon)with your logo.